Änderungen gc.com Website (Juni Release)

Heute wurden die Änderungen auf der gc.com Website im Rahmen des Juni-Release von Nate bekanntgegeben.

Es handelt sich im wesentlichen um Bugfixing und kleine Änderungen. Die wesentlichen Dinge sind wohl technischer Natur im Hintergrund zur Steigerung der Performance und Funktionalität der Website. Zumindest behauptet das Nate – oder die Buben waren im Urlaub. Er kündigt ggf. noch ein Hotfix an, u.a. für das TB-Mileage-Issue.

Hier die Änderungen (Achtung: Keine Weltwunder):

  • Nearest cache search page now ignores caches placed on your Ignore List
  • Fixed bug preventing a user from navigating trackable galleries with „prev image“ and „next image“
  • GPS reviews: Fixed issue with some device manufacturers not displaying the number of device reviews available in the manufacturer dropdown list
  • Fixed an issue of stat bars improperly displaying for accounts containing an apostrophe.
  • Fixed issue of bookmark paging timing out and displaying incorrect contents for indicated page.
  • Clarified text in PQ results email describing where on the website to find EasyGPS software download
  • Clarified instructions in email sent from user to user through the website for how to reply to the message – added URL to „email this user“ page
  • Fixed issue with some users receiving duplicate weekly cache notification emails
  • Clarified definition of Letterbox Hybrid geocaches on cache_types.aspx
  • Hide & Seek a cache by username now correctly accepts the number of characters required to support any length username
  • Clarified account validation instructions to prevent new user confusion
  • Removed old version of cache along a route page
  • Added link to public profile edit page to complete profile edit page
  • Fixed issue with IE6 not allowing profile edits
  • Corrected link in Premium Membership expiration reminder to point to the renewal page
  • Fixed server error received when adding a new GPS device to an account which had not previously been associated with a device
  • Fixed compatibility issue with IE8 when selecting adding a GPS device to an account
  • Fixed „zoom to address“ behavior in Google maps
  • Added auto-renew details to edit membership page for auto-renewing Premium Members
  • Forced „add a waypoint to the log“ checkbox when „update coordinates“ is selected from the log type dropdown when logging a cache
  • The home page login widget will now correctly update your last visit date
  • When adding a waypoint to a log the coordinate entry field will now auto-populate the cache’s coordinates
  • Added second „My Account Details“ link to options at the top of /my/ page for added visibility

Die neue Pocket Query Funktion hat es aber (leider) noch nicht in das Juni-Release geschafft. Vielleicht klappt es ja im Juli, man darf gespannt sein.